About Astrology

Astrology,the Science of Light,is the Science of connecting Life on Earth to the Dynamics of the Universal Phenomenon,on the basis of the Matrix of the radiation being received on Earth from the Heavenly bodies-the Stars and the Planets.

Indian Astrology is a science which imbibes all the dimensions of the modern scientific method being derived from four of the six schools of ancient Hindu philological streams namely the Sankhya, the Nyaya, the Vaisheshika and the Mimansa schools of the Nigama Shastras. The Sankhya laid the foundation of relating the Cause(s) to the Effect(s); Nyaya provided the epistemological basis of justifiable derivations and conclusions; Vaisheshika gave an insight into the speciality of the causative elementary factors and their spatial arrangements and Mimansa established the linkages of Karmik aggregates and Natural Laws to lived experiences. It is said that the Mimamsikas were the ones to have propounded the fundamentals of Indian Astrology as an independent body of science which matured in to Vedanga or one of the limbs of Veda also called Ved-Chakhshu or the ‘Eyes of Vedas’.

Learning Astrology can be a rich and exciting experience for opening up the mind to knowing ‘who we are’ which can lead to an evolutionary awakening and self realization.

John Doe

DR. Roop Saran

Astro Guru

DR. Roop Saran is an established Astro-Consultant having rich and vast experience with clients worldwide. He is a scholar and researcher having in-depth knowledge of all aspects of different branches of Indian Astrological systems. His predictions and unique Astro-remedial methods have helped a large number of people in resolving their challenges as well as significantly improving their status and performance in all walks of life. He is now available on-line to teach Indian Astrology to interested fresh students as well as to guide others who want to advance and further develop their knowledge of Indian Astrology.


About The Class

There are many teachers of Indian Astrology both on-line and otherwise but Indian Astrology cannot be learned through lectures alone. Realizing this DR. Roop Saran aims to provide a unique opportunity to serious students of Indian Astrology through this platform in the Guru-Shishya format on a one-to-one basis to tailor the learning process to the unique requirement of each student. The method of teaching shall be a blend of lectures, discussions and question-answer sessions for an effective learning experience.

How To Go About It

Students of Indian Astrology can register either as Fresh Students or as Advance Students.

For Fresh Students the learning format and content shall be decided by the Guru-DR. Roop Saran keeping in mind the student’s background and learning capacity whereas the Advanced Students can request for elucidation of a certain specific topic and/or process for which the student can book a certain number of classes in consultation with the Guru.

Interested students may fill up the registration form given within the 'Class' caption in the Menu Section after which they shall be contacted to fix the classes and for other requirements.